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Prepare, Foster & Transform Economies
beyond the 21st Century

InnovatetheNext Foundation (ITN) formed through Quintessence Consulting Inc.  a global strategy and transformation firm in St. Kitts and Nevis. The InnovatetheNext Foundation is organised as a  hybrid for-profit and charitable, private foundation established in 2014.  The organization is designed to prepare people, transform industries and foster ecosystems in developing countries beyond the 21st Century.

Community Capacity & Cohesiveness – Fosters institutional redesign and partnerships that foster greater inclusion, collaboration, to build a more prosperous, equitable, just and sustainable community.

Climate Adaptation and Resilience – Catalyzing awareness, resources, and action to promote climate adaptation and  resilience to climate change.

Leadership and Civic Vitality – Develops broad-based inclusive leadership that can sustain a forward-looking agenda for the community.


Catalyst for Transformational Change

The ITN Foundation focuses on driving innovation and collaboration in the six pillars:

Economic Transformation – Harnesses our region’s strengths to develop a vibrant, diverse and higher-wage economy that can compete in the global marketplace.

Educational Excellence – Builds the human capital base for a new economy that provides all people in developing countries with a fair chance of success.

Health and Wellness – Helps people in developing countries to lead healthier lives and access the comprehensive health care they need.

Current Programmes

The Foundation, designs and implements programmes with particular target populations, educational objectives and institutions. These programmes are created to meet demands from  educational, social and economic developments.

InnovatetheNext Venture
Ecosystem Hub

ITN harnesses entrepreneurship lead innovation, knowledge transfer and progression of innovative cultures and startup ecosystems throughout emerging markets.

InnovatetheNext programs range from hands on innovation labs in new and emerging sectors through a network of immersive programmes such as accelerators, hackathons, bootcamps, innovation challenges, summits, venture trips.



>InnovatetheNext Education fosters the Digital Transformation of the Education System through strategies, techniques , tools and  technologies. Our focus is to work with Governments, Education Administrators, Educators and Students.

>Since 2015,  we’ve worked with Ministry of Education in the Eastern Caribbean to implement Office 365 education, provide FREE software and innovative programs to Students, and upgrade all the high school Labs with modern interactive computers.


InnovatetheNext Academy brings a comprehensive STEM programs to schools, school districts, and communities in developing countries. We offer a full methodology and the expertise to help schools or communities develop their long term STEM strategy.

Plans are underway to implement an After School Programs in 2018 introducing STEM curricula focused on Game Based Learning,  Data Science, Engineering Concepts, Robotics Technology & Engineering and Internet of Things (IoT)  to name but a few.


Immersive Venture Development Programmes

We aim to increase the likelihood of startup success by transferring knowledge on de-risking and to educate entrepreneurs about the best methodologies and strategies that can sustain failures at various levels.

Currently our programmes are focused on the following segments:
1. Tech (Impact) Startups
2. Women Entrepreneurs
3. Climate Adaptive Tech & Non Tech Startups
(Agtech & Cleantech)

In the Caribbean, ITN currently manages three programmes with the support and partnership of the Canadian Government and the InfoDev/World Bank Group through the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC), a US$10 Million Program run over a 7 year duration.  Under this umbrella, we run the following:

(1) Tech (web/mobile) Startup Pre-Acceleration & Acceleration Programme which takes the entrepreneurs from the Idea stage to the Market.  We provided coaching, mentorship and training to the Entrepreneurs as well as focus on Investor readiness.  Under this programme we supported (3) Cohorts.  So far over 150  Startups have been supported.

(2) Our Women focused Acceleration Program targets growth oriented female founders/managers providing peer mentoring, one-on-one mentoring and growth strategies to support their ability to scale into other markets;  Under this programme we have supported 1 cohort with another cohort scheduled for 2017 totaling to 100 female entrepreneurs.

(3) In partnership with the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre (CCIC), we support regional Climate Adaptive Innovative Technology ventures providing a series of bootcamps, virtual acceleration programmes and coaching and mentoring support:

  1. Under this programme we successfully implemented a Proof of Concept Grant Program- 2014
  2. Al 5 month virtual acceleration programme for  for idea stage,  validation stage and growth stage startups July 2017 with funding support from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the World Bank Group.

In partnership with the CTA and the Prohaus Group, we have supported over 400  startups from Africa, Caribbean and Pacific through Agrihack Talent Caribbean (2014)  Pitch Agrihack Durban 2015,  Pitch Agrihack 2016 & Pitch Agrihack West Africa 2017.

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